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Summary Legal notice and GDPR
### Use of personal data * The confidential fields of your profile (email, date of birth, street) are only visible for the administrators. Other fields (age range, phone number, postal code, etc.) are visible to all members. * We do not sell any data and our sites do not send any information to commercial companies * The cookies used do not record your activity, they are used for the proper functioning of the JdN platform * Contributions to publications labeled "Visible by all (public)"![](file-guid:e0aeeec9-cf4b-4595-bafc-7e4346927856 "icone-public-new.png" =25x)can be indexed by search engines or shared on other social networks More information can be found on the [Legal page](https://www.jardiniersdunous.org/legal/page/view?pageKey=imprint).

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